Technology Consulting

Evaluating your business needs and recommending various ways that technology can play a part in increasing efficiency and productivity, and where it cannot and should not be employed based on your needs and budget. We can provide you with a detailed study of the pros and cons of options available to you and your business.

Networks Consulting

We can provide consulting, sourcing, installation, deployment and debugging of your network infrastructure for hardwire, fiber optic and wireless communication systems. If you have a bottleneck in your infrastructure or problems with quality or perhaps need a point to point link to link two or more buildings wirelessly, we can help with investigation, recommendation and deployment.

Solutions design and budgeting

Getting into the details of implementing the solution of your choice identifying all the various integration points with your existing operation together with detailed budgeting for the product as well as deployment process for your consideration and evaluation.

Integration Services

Many of the problems faced by companies can be fixed by integrating several solutions already available in the market. These integration services are to do with matching various systems to communicate together and deliver the required behaviour. This is sometimes a much cheaper option, than building an entire system from the ground up to suit your specific needs. We can provide a variety of technology integration services over established APIs or through custom APIs which we can build for you.

Project management and solutions deployment

Building the solution for you and/or managing a team of developers and engineers to deliver the project in the time scale that is required and in the budget that is set.

Product Development

Help you design and build your own custom solution to fulfil a specific need. We can build your product for you, and/or manage a development team to ensure it gets delivered properly and to spec.
Among our software skills are C, C++, Assembly, VHDL, Bourne Shell, Linux. Ruby on Rails, Ruby on Jets, Perl, Python, Java, Nginx/Apache, MySql, Postgresql, Redis

Who we are

We are guns for hire in a technological age. There is no escaping technology in all aspects of our lives these days across industries. These solutions vary from micro embedded systems with an array of sensors and control mechanisms, to wired and wireless networked collections of devices, to distributed solutions of devices and users across the internet connected to physical or cloud servers, to serverless (functional nodes) applications with a variety of database systems, caches, authentication, interfaces and the like. The technological means to address these needs require a very diverse understanding and experience of how the various parts of this coalesce together into a coordinated solution that fulfils the needs of organisations and the ability to deliver this solution in a timely and cost efficient way.

To that end, we have an array of experience accumulated through collective past work experience as well as with client work in diverse technological disciplines for design and build in semiconductors, sensors, embedded systems, micro controllers, client-server application on physical and cloud servers, web application development with large database components, Linux operating systems, communications protocols, radio transmission and fiber optics, antennas and cellular radio planning and satellite communication systems. Apart from the technical understandings required, we also have experience in management consulting, process consulting, technical support and technical sales, project management for deployment of solutions, and are able to assist you in analysing your needs, identifying the options available, integrating existing solutions or building solutions from scratch and then deploying them into your organisation and provide training as needed.

We are keen to have a chat about your problems and the solution options available to you and also keep to break into new industries and new solutions to expand our experiences.

Maintenance Projects

Clines France

Network and Computing Support

Prefabricated building supplier for the agricultural industry. We assist in general office technical support sometimes in collaboration with their counterparts in France for WLAN connectivity via VPN, and also implementation of domain specific policies across the multinational organisation

Wild Asia

Technology support

Consultants for sustainable palm oil producers and eco tourism. Apart from general office technical support, we also advise on technological matters pertaining to activities and visions for the sustainable agriculture industry, trying to find ways to improve efficiency and transparency.

Batu Batu Resort

Technology support

Luxury high-end island resort on Pulau Tengah off Mersing, Malaysia. We assist in general technical support as well as deployed a satellite system on island as well as an over-sea point to point microwave link, asterisk phone system, island wide outdoor wifi, firewalls, virtual private network, virtual LAN, load balancing, web cache. We also assist in technical support for various events on the island.

Rawa Safari Resort

Satellite communications systems

Island resort on Pulau Rawa off Mersing, Malaysia. Installed a satellite communications system and wifi network and provided support for technical matters pertaining to their operations.

Sibu Island Resort

Technology support

Government run island resort on Pulau Sibu off Tenjung Leman, Malaysia. Installed several satellite systems and deployed island wide wireless system for various international filming events.

Aseania Resort

Satellite communications systems

Island resort on Pulau Besar off Mersing, Malaysia. Installed a satellite communications system and wifi network and provided support for technical matters pertaining to their operations.


Technology support, billing and vendor management

Family run bed and breakfast next to the rainforest at Pantai, Negeri Sembilan. Deployment and maintenance of booking system, website, CCTV systems, rural water supply system. On going operation of reservation booking system.


Networking consulting and deployment

Wholesale supplier of Microtik and Ubiquity networking equipment. Assisted in deployment of wireless systems. point to point microwave links, firewall and router configurations with load balacers, webcache, VLAN , VPN, PPPoE, OSPF, BGP, QoS protocols and bandwidth management, Installation and consult in cellular telco operators, factories, farms, schools and hotels and CCTV Camera systems

Project Management

Adventure Line Productions

Technology support, logistics and general management.

French television production company specializing in reality shows. Owner of the global franchise for the game show 'Survivor'. Deployment of satellite communication systems, walkie talkie systems, firewalls, user management systems and webcache. Assisted in production management as well as technical support

Strix TV

Technology support

Swedish/Dutch television production company specializing in reality shows 'Survivor'. Deployment of satellite communication systems and supporting production effort during filming

Endemol South Africa

Technology support

South African television production company specializing in reality shows 'Survivor'. Deployment of satellite communication systems and supporting production effort during filming

Ombra Films US

Technology support

US film production filming movie Eden .Deployment of satellite communication systems and supporting production effort during filming

Web Applications

Urbanmetry (formerly PropertyPricetag)

Technology development and management

Malaysian startup for property analytics. Provides B2B consulting and supply and demand research into the real estate market in specifiprovide intelligence to government agencies and property developers to understand demographics better.


Prototype to market development

A tool for a Canadian education startup for assisted essay writing using a scaffolding system. The essays are forced into the strict format for argumentative style essays, acceptable for humanities subjects in literature, law and social sciences.


Web application development

Loan matching website for finding you the best mortgage or personal loan in Malaysia. Developed and deployment personal loans section

Wild Asia

Web application development

WAGS - Green Palm Monitoring System. An enterprise management solution for keeping track of certified sustainable palm oil being produced in small holder or independent oil palm estates. The system assists collating production data against audits, social and training data and certification requirements, to assist sale of sustainably produced oil palm into markets. Internal enterprise system currently being used.


Website deployment and updates

Family run bed and breakfast next to the rainforest at Pantai, Negeri Sembilan


Consultative services

Malaysian and Singaporean startup engaged in preloved consumer to consumer (C2C) fashion sales.

Confidential Clients

Web scraping

Several companies who prefer to remain annonymous. Web scraping and processing data through machine learning algorithms and natural language processing systems

Network Projects

Unreasonable Group

Networks Deployment and Support

Installation and support of networking equipment during week long entrepreneural workshop hosted at Batu Batu resort, Pulau Tengah, Mersing Johor.

iHalo Broadband Sdn. Bhd.

Networks Deployment and Support

Network consulting, design of point to point links. Microwave Point to point link installation Green Haven Condominium, Austin ARC, Green Haven Oasis, Johor Baru

Eden Networks

Networks Deployment and Support

Network Installation and troubleshooting. Installation of network ports, access points, server rack. Troubleshooting, network configuration. Laying network LAN cable and fiber optic cables

Hospital Pusrawi, Kuala Lumpur

Networks Deployment and Support

Network consulting, installation and troubleshooting. Installation , alignment testing of microwave network point to point links. Installation and troubleshooting wifi access points wifi

Rimbun Condominium Management Corp

Networks Deployment and Support

FTTH Fiber to Home troublehooting (fault identification) and repair

Wireless point to point link installations

Survey, deployment and troubleshooting












Internal Projects

Crowd-sourced wireless quality of service management. Measuring wireless coverage and radio network quality using Android phones. A second app is for subscriber submission of complaints toward network service quality, which can be skinned to the Operator's needs.

This project started in 2011 was slightly ahead of its time and did not capture operator's interest at that time. However several solutions appearing in 2019 are now starting to make headway to improve quality of service through crowdsourcing.

Perhaps the project can be revived.

An Ecological footprint monitoring solution that monitors power and water usage using intrusive monitoring devices. The Druidbots measure usage and sends periodic information over Wifi to our servers for reporting. The intention of this is to accurately chart out environmental impact down to a very high resolution, per building or per room, in order to understand usage patters and plan for capacity and resource reduction.

This project started in 2011 could not find a viable prototyping test bed. We have tried hotels and tourism destinations and are now thinking of using this concept in agrotech.

Originally setup to raise funds to help displaced villagers and children caused by teh brief border conflict in Sabah, Malaysia. It has become a general purpose fund management system for any Causes serious or not. Automatic email notification assists in keeping donors informed of money collected and spent towards a particular Cause that they support. QuickCauses intends to promote the transparent management of funds collected from public money.

Was taken down due to lack of support and interest from donors.

No plans to revive this project.